By: admin Posted:September 25th, 2013

Part of being a Book Diva includes taking the hustle on the road. As I am here in Milwaukee at this great annual event, Fall Fiction Fest, I get to thinking about the demise of the black owned bookstore.


You remember the black owned bookstore, don’t you? That spot that you could drop in, have a cup of java and network with the neighborhood? You know the place that hosted book signings, open mic poetry and various community event? Don’t you miss that place? What happened to it?


It’s easy to blame its demise on the e-book – that had a lot to do with it, but what had an even more devastating effect was a lack of loyalty in our community. How can a small business survive without customer loyalty? It can’t. When your customers stop coming in and say that they are not shopping with you because Amazon or Walmart has the book for cheaper it feels like a kick in the stomach. Does Amazon ask how your mother is feeling because it knows she has been ill? Does Walmart take the time to tell you about the newest titles from your favorite authors? It’s true, we can’t offer you as deep a discount as the huge conglomerates but we don’t have the buying power that can command those deep discounts.


Speaking for myself, the Book Diva, I will still keep pushing on because I have a genuine love for books. But the next time you tell me about getting the book for cheaper from Amazon, Walmart, etc. and we are at an event promoting black business, don’t be surprised if you get dismissed. I’ll do it nicely, though.
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By: admin Posted:October 4th, 2012

Exploits of the Book Diva Coming Soon!

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