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Welcome to the new DBJ website! 

Da Book Joint was built on a dream and a need for an African-American owned and operated, African-American author based bookstore on the Southeast side of Chicago. The owner, Verlean Singletary is an avid reader with five years of operating a bookstore and fifteen years of accounting/tax experience. She is also a participant of various bookclubs -- always keeping abreast of new and upcoming books and authors.  Da Book Joint encourages you to come out and support an establishment that is dedicated to the African-American family.

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Welcome to DA BOOK JOINT

"Where your pleasure in reading will be satisfied" with a variety of tastes from a selection driven by demand.  We provide you with a choice of inspirational, motivational, educational and street seductive titles by some of the most intense and creative African-American authors, many of whom are national bestsellers.  We also provide an outlet to aspiring, young African-American writers a chance to capture the attention of readers.

Da Book Joint and our unlimited choice of literary art will attain the interest of all ages of those who love to read.  We know we can not thank you enough for your time and support, but Da Book Joint will try to the best of our abilities to accommodate you.  Once again, we welcome you and hope you enjoy your visit to Da Book Joint "where your pleasure in reading will be satisfied".